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2020 Census Partners

2020 Census Partners are government, non-profit, corporate or community organizations that have formally pledged their commitment to share the 2020 Census message and mobilize their constituents in support of the Census Bureau's goal of achieving a complete count. See how you can help.

  • Community-Based Organizations

    Community-based organizations provide vital services to our community, and are a trusted voice with a unique connection to the people they serve. They can partner with the Census Bureau and help ensure that everyone has a voice in this vital count.

    By supporting the 2020 Census, your community-based or social service organization will:

    • Bring jobs to your community. Hundreds of thousands of jobs will need to be filled nationwide for 2020 Census operations. More jobs mean a more robust local economy.
    • Help your community get needed funding. Census data determine the allocation of government funding, help planners determine where there is the greatest need for social services and guide where to build job training centers, child-care and community centers, and other service facilities. An incomplete count could mean your community does not receive its fair share of funding.
    • Receive an accurate portrait of your community. Census data will help your organization estimate the number of residents in need of services and the number of potential volunteers in your community.

    Take action:

    • Include information about the 2020 Census in newsletters, on bulletin boards, in lobbies and online.
    • Answer questions and help people overcome misconceptions about the 2020 Census. Share the benefits of being counted and reassure your community their answers are safe.
    • Help recruit applicants for 2020 Census positions, providing jobs to those in need in your community.
    • Provide space for testing and training 2020 Census employees.
    • Provide space for Be Counted sites and Questionnaire Assistance Centers.
  • Faith-Based Organizations

    Religious leaders and faith-based groups have the credibility and respect needed to personally influence individuals within your congregations to participate. Partner with us and ensure every voice in your congregation is heard.

    By supporting the 2020 Census, your faith-based organization will:

    • Help your community get the funding it deserves.Census data are used to allocate billions of dollars in government funding and can help you develop and implement new programs. It also provides
      key statistical information needed to secure grants. An incomplete count could mean your community does not receive its fair share of funding.
    • Bring jobs to your community. The Census Bureau will hire hundreds of thousands of people nationwide for temporary census jobs. You can notify members of your community about job openings and help boost your local economy.

    Take action:

    • Include information about the 2020 Census in newsletters, bulletins and Web sites.
    • Share the message that census participation is both important and safe.
    • Help recruit members of your congregation and community for census jobs.
    • Provide space for testing and training census employees and for use as Questionnaire Assistance Centers.
    • Work with schools and family service centers in your community to spark conversations with children and families about the importance of the 2020 Census.