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Monitored Release Program

The Miami-Dade County Corrections Monitored Release Program (House Arrest) consists of two types of offenders that are combined under one umbrella: pre-trial and sentenced offenders.

The Department's mission is to create alternatives to incarceration, help manage the jail population and provide a comprehensive continuum of custodial and community-based programs. The Monitored Release Program strives to provide offenders with the best opportunity to maintain ties with their families while transitioning back into the community.

Offenders on the program must abide by all release and special conditions imposed by the presiding judge to include counseling, maintaining employment, and any number of other requirements. They are required to abide by stringent program and special court-ordered conditions and are held accountable for their behavior and compliance by their assigned case manager.

The House Arrest offenders must meet strict criteria and must provide background information before being placed into the program. They are court ordered to the House Arrest program by the 11th Judicial Court and must wear an electronic monitoring GPS device around their ankle.

As part of the program requirements they are subject to weekly random visits by their assigned case manager to ensure that the court requirements are being met. Many of the offenders must remain in their residence on a curfew and are allowed to leave the confines of the residence only when authorized by their house arrest officer.

Pre-trial Offenders
Consists of offenders who are court ordered to wear a GPS tracking device while awaiting the disposition of their case.

Sentenced Offenders
These offenders are interviewed and recruited by the House Arrest staff prior to obtaining approval from their respective judge to enter the Monitored Release program. The offender may have felony or misdemeanor charges and must be sentenced to 364 days or less.