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Microfilm & Plan Library

What is Microfilm?

Miami-Dade County keeps records of all permits and plans for properties located in unincorporated areas, so buyers and owners may obtain a building's full history.

How do I acquire Microfilm?

Plans that have already been digitized may be downloaded from E-Microfilm. To view or obtain copies of building plans that have yet to be digitized, meaning they are on film, you must schedule an appointment by calling 786-315-2340.

All records are filed by permit number. In most cases, the permit number can be located by the address or the folio number of the property. If your property is in Miami-Dade County your folio number will start with "30." If not, you need to inquire with the appropriate municipality. 

The Microfilm Unit will perform an initial preliminary search over the telephone to determine if the research is warranted and the property is in unincorporated Miami-Dade County. You will have the option to request an in-person appointment (for printed documents/plans) or email-out appointment (for documents/plans to be provided via email PDF format).

If you are requesting plans for a commercial recertification,
send your request to RER's Microfilm Section at [email protected], or call 786-315-2340.