Generators can provide emergency power to your home or business in case of power failure.

Do I need a permit for generators?

A building permit is not required for the use of a portable generator only when it is intended to power a few appliances (refrigerator, fan, etc.) and a string of lights that are connected directly to the generator. Portable generators must be stored indoors empty of fuel while not in use and must be placed outdoors while being used, 10 feet away from windows, doors and other openings to prevent exhaust fumes from getting inside the building.

However, if you wish to connect a portable generator to the building's electrical system to power certain circuits, you must secure an electrical permit for the installation of a device that will allow you to do this safely. Refer to the Generator Guidelines below for detailed permit requirements.

To place and keep a generator permanently in an outside location, a building permit is required. Multiple county agencies regulate different aspects of its installation. A permit application must include a set of plans prepared by a design professional. Multiple regulatory agencies will review the application for compliance with all codes and regulations applicable for the generator and its fuel source. 

What are the permit requirements?

Refer to the guidelines below for detailed permit requirements for an emergency generator. This information is being provided as a guide to assist with the permitting process for generators. Contact each applicable agency to verify and obtain current information.

These guidelines are for the permanent installation of stand-alone generators to be utilized to power residential or commercial structures during power outages. The generators typically use gasoline, liquid petroleum, natural gas or diesel fuel. These requirements are to be submitted at the time of permit application for properties located within unincorporated Miami-Dade County. If your property is located within a municipality, contact your municipal Building Department.