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Dry Cleaning and Laundering Businesses - Laws

Dry cleaners must follow certain procedures whenever a claim is made for loss, damage or delay resulting from the cleaner’s performance.

A customer has up to 30 days after receiving their garments to notify a cleaner in writing of any claim for loss, damage or delay resulting from the cleaner’s performance.

The cleaner must promptly and thoroughly investigate each claim made in writing. If the claim cannot be satisfied in 15 days, the cleaner must advise the claimant of the status of the claim and the reason for the delay. The cleaner must object to or satisfy a customer’s claim within 30 days after receipt of the claim.

A cleaner may not charge a customer a different price for service based on the customer's gender. However, a business is permitted to charge a different price if the goods or services involve more time, difficulty or cost.

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