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Tips to Keep Biscayne Bay Clean

The health of Biscayne Bay, our ecological gem, depends on a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship between it and the people who live and visit here. Biscayne Bay care starts with you and goes everywhere you do. Whether this is at home, on land or in the water, every action you take can hurt or help Biscayne Bay.

Garbage and impaired water quality kills. When trash is discarded in an irresponsible manner, it can cause tremendous harm to the environment, especially marine ecosystems. Biscayne Bay is often an endpoint for trash regardless of whether it was thrown away on land or in the water. With many new and contributing factors, water quality has decreased. Impaired water quality can trigger seagrass die-offs and fish kills in Biscayne Bay. We all need to:

  • Minimize surface water pollution, whether it comes from spills, fertilizers or pesticides
  • Avoid litter on land and in the water
  • Be aware of and address fuel releases and other sources of nonpoint source pollution 
  • Avoid disposable materials that often make up the bulk of marine debris

By adopting the below practices, you can help our county become better for all.