Can I adopt a pet that is listed as a stray hold?

Pets found as strays, with no traceable identification, are placed on a three-day stray hold before they are available for adoption. This gives a possible owner time to claim the pet. If you are interested in a pet with a stray hold, you may serve as the pet's foster parent until that mandatory three day hold period has passed. This is referred to as Foster to Adopt. 

  • Foster to Adopt means you may care for the pet in your home during the three-day hold period. But you are not the pet’s owner until the hold period has expired

  • You will be asked to sign an agreement stating you understand you are not the official pet owner until the three-day stray hold and there has been no claim on the pet by an owner

  • If the pet's owner is not found after three days, it is yours to adopt. You can then spay or neuter the pet and obtain a license tag

  • All pets will be vaccinated, tested for heartworm, dewormed and microchipped before leaving the Pet Adoption and Protection Center or Petco