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Sonia Grice - Director

Sonia Grice is a dedicated social worker and the Director of the Miami-Dade County Community Action and Human Services Department (CAHSD). She has devoted her career to supporting underserved individuals and families who face life-altering challenges in their community. Grice is known for her exceptional commitment to advocating for those who have been shunned or neglected, particularly those with AIDS and drug addictions.

Grice's Christian upbringing instills in her a strong sense of empathy and generosity. She firmly believes that we exist as community members to support and encourage each other to make positive choices. Through her work, she has helped individuals experiencing homelessness, substance abuse, and life-threatening illnesses. She is passionate about providing immediate assistance to those facing crises such as eviction notices, and she works tirelessly to ensure that all residents in Miami-Dade County can feel comfortable and secure in their homes.

Grice has faced many challenges throughout her career, but she remains thankful for the experiences that have made her stronger. She credits her success to the great mentors who have guided her throughout her career and strives to extend the same support to others. Grice is available to her team whenever they need help, particularly when they feel burned out or overwhelmed. She is committed to helping younger employees achieve their career goals.

Under Grice's leadership, CAHSD offers a wide range of support services, including rent, water, and food assistance. They have 13 community resource centers across the county where individuals and families can access services such as workforce training, free tax filing, home renovation, weatherization, and domestic violence intervention. To learn more about the available services, visit the CAHSD website or call 786-469-4600.