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Alex Muñoz - Director

Alex Muñoz was appointed director of the Internal Services Department in May 2021 after serving as director of the Animal Services Department since August 2011. As assistant county manager with oversight of the Animal Services Department, he gained the special knowledge and experience that helped successfully transition it into a stand-alone department. During his career in public service, he has distinguished himself as a highly capable problem solver who readily takes on difficult challenges that require complex solutions.

In his most recent appointment as deputy director of the Miami-Dade Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department, Mr. Muñoz was responsible for the department's development and planning sections, natural areas and facilities management as well as its $300 million capital improvements program. Prior to that, he oversaw Parks along with the Miami-Dade Public Library System, Cultural Affairs and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and others as assistant county manager until early 2011.

Under his leadership, recreation and culture programs and services were among the County's highest rated, according to an independent resident satisfaction survey conducted in 2008. Mr. Muñoz has also administered the Planning and Zoning, Building and Neighborhood Compliance, Consumer Services and Animal Services departments.

Mr. Muñoz previously served as director of the former Team Metro department, which was the lead community outreach agency at the time and also responsible for ensuring compliance with the County's neighborhood code. That appointment followed the key role he played in managing the logistics of a successful General Election in 2002.

Mr. Muñoz received his undergraduate degree from Florida State University where he majored in international affairs, Spanish and history. He also has a master's in urban and regional planning from FSU. He resides in Miami with his wife, two children and pets.