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About Internal Services Department

The Internal Services Department (ISD) provides a wide range of internal support services for the ongoing operation of County government. The Department focuses on promoting operational best practices and efficient government operations.

As part of the general government strategic area, ISD supports governmental operations by providing procurement services, facility management, design and construction management, fleet management, risk management, surplus property disposition services, capital inventory management, and small business program management and services. Additionally, ISD is engaged in real estate development and management, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, elevator regulation and parking services.

The Department's customers and stakeholders include County departments and employees, vendors and contractors, municipalities, not-for-profit organizations, Commission on Disability Issues (CODI), and Miami-Dade County residents and visitors.

Some of the long-term benefits of this departmental structure include:

  • More focus on countywide construction management with the intent that over time other such functions within the County can be consolidated
  • The possible consolidation of the Inventory Management and Procurement functions for better materials management
  • Opportunities for review of a truly centralized fleet management model

Divisions of the Internal Services Department

Americans with Disabilities Act Coordination

  • Ensures that Miami-Dade County complies with the ADA and related laws
  • Helps County departments understand the importance of the ADA, their obligations under the Act, the options for meeting those obligations, and how different options will impact people with disabilities
  • Works to heighten awareness of disability issues, both within County departments and the local community

Design and Construction Services

  • Plans, designs and manages new facility construction and major renovations of County facilities
  • Develops countywide construction management standards and policies

Facilities and Utilities Management

  • Manages, renovates and maintains County-operated facilities and parking operations
  • Administers countywide security and energy performance contracts
  • Manages utility use
  • Regulates elevator equipment throughout Miami-Dade County

Fleet Management

  • Maintains the County's light and heavy mobile equipment fleet
  • Provides fuel and maintenance to County departments, municipalities and other governmental entities
  • Administers the Vehicle Replacement and Fuel Conservation Program

Real Estate Development

  • Administers countywide joint real estate development, real property lease negotiation and management, property acquisition, and sales

Risk Management

  • Administers self-insured workers' compensation and liability programs
  • Administers countywide safety and property/casualty programs

Small Business Development

  • Certifies small businesses
  • Promotes opportunities for small businesses and local workers on County contracts through enforcement of small business and work force program goals, prompt payment policies, and responsible and living wage requirements

Strategic Procurement

  • Manages the procurement of goods and services purchased through bids, request for proposals and other solicitation instruments
  • Administers the Architectural and Engineering (A&E) selection process and the Equitable Distribution Program
  • Manages A&E technical certification, prequalification for A&E services, the Miscellaneous Construction Contract Program, vendor registration and outreach vendor information.

Policy, Legislation and Business Services

  • Directs departmental legislative, agenda coordination, and policy initiatives
  • Manages the County Store, including retail operations, surplus bid sales, and online auctions
  • Manages countywide printing, graphics, mail services, countywide capital inventory process
  • Manages countywide office supplies purchasing and delivery

Budget & Finance

  • Provides departmental support and coordination of fiscal operations, budget preparation and human resources
  • Manages parking operations and provides quality assurance, vendor and administrative support to the risk claims payment process