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Fleet Fueling & Vehicle Maintenance

Fleet Management Division, an agency of the Internal Services Department (ISD), operates 29 fueling sites and 19 vehicle maintenance shops throughout Miami-Dade County. It provides unleaded and diesel fuel to County owned and leased vehicles, and to other local governmental entities that have entered into a fueling agreement with Miami-Dade County. It also provides maintenance and repairs to County vehicles assigned to the various departments.

Fueling Locations and Hours

Miami-Dade County provides unleaded and diesel fueling services to County owned and leased vehicles, and to other local agencies and municipalities, including the city of Miami from its 29 fueling locations.

Fuel Cards

An automated fuel system is installed at all locations to provide controls over the fuel inventory. Vehicle operators access fuel at the pumps by one of two methods: through a fuel card or through a cardless fueling device. If an error message appears on the fueling terminal when attempting to obtain fuel, or if any other fueling problems are encountered, the driver should call Fleet Management's Fuel Office at 305-375-5186 for assistance.

Shop Locations

Read the list of shop locations for our fleet vehicles based on the type of vehicle.

Fleet Operational Rates

Read current rates and sub-objects used to charge fleet services. Fleet operations charges are broken down between heavy and light mobile equipment. Heavy equipment includes trucks and one-ton pickups, and light units are comprised of cars, vans and up to 3/4 ton pickups. Total charges to departments, based on these rates, will vary depending on vehicle service needs.