Fuel Cards

Fuel cards are provided to entities that have entered into a fueling agreement with Miami-Dade County. An automated fuel system is installed at all locations to provide controls over the fuel inventory.

Vehicle operators access fuel at the pumps by one of two methods: through a fuel card or through a cardless fueling device. If an error message appears on the fueling terminal when attempting to obtain fuel, or if any other fueling problems are encountered, the driver should call Fleet Management's Fuel Office at 305-375-5186 for assistance.

In the event of a lost or stolen fuel card, contact Fleet Management's Fuel Section immediately so that the card can be deactivated in the system. To replace a lost, stolen, or damaged fuel card, the Transportation Coordinator must fax the request to Fleet Management's Fuel Section or e-mail it to [email protected]. A $20 fee will be charged for replacing a fuel card. To obtain a new fuel card, a Fuel Card Request Form must be completed and either faxed or emailed.