2017 Charter Review Task Force Members

The 2017 Charter Review Task Force is comprised of 15 members, with 13 of the members appointed by each County Commissioner, one by the Mayor of Miami-Dade County, and one by the Chair of the Miami-Dade Legislative Delegation. The Chairperson of the Task Force is selected by the members of the Task Force.
District 1
Anna-Bo Emmanuel (previously George Burgess)

District 2
Jeff P.H. Cazeau

District 3
Councilwoman Alice Burch

District 4
Neisen Kasdin

District 5
Alfredo J. Gonzalez

District 6
Carlos Diaz-Padron

District 7
Mike Valdes-Fauli

District 8
Robert Cuevas

District 9
Marlon Hill

District 10

District 11
Vacant (previously Maurice Ferré)

District 12
Maria Lievano-Cruz

District 13
Paul Hernandez (previously Councilman Luis E. Gonzalez)

William H. Kerdyk Jr.

Miami-Dade Legislative Delegation
Forrest Andrews (previously Eric Zichella)