Make a Nomination

To nominate someone to receive special recognition by the Mayor or Board of County Commissioners, you must:

  • Call the Miami-Dade County Mayor's Office or the office of your County Commissioner
  • Explain what you want to have presented, to whom, and, more importantly, why. The staff of the office you call will explain what kind of document you may receive, depending on the occasion
  • Provide the name, email address and phone numbers of a contact person in the event further research is required
  • The request must be made at least 15 days in advance to permit adequate preparation time. The person requesting the document will need to make arrangements with the Mayor's or Commissioner's office to pick up the document

The office you call will handle the rest. In order to receive a well-written document on the day it is needed, all of the necessary information should be provided on your first call.

Helpful Tips

  • Before calling to request a document, read all of the descriptions of our protocol documents and awards to help you select the appropriate documents

  • For a Proclamation, Commendation or Sympathy Resolution, submit a biography, not a résumé. It should include enough information to enable the writer to prepare text of about five to six paragraphs in length

  • A misspelled or incorrect name can diminish the value of the recognition to the recipient. Special care should be taken to ensure that names of individuals and organizations are accurately spelled

  • Also, all collateral information regarding the event, invitation, media kit or articles, etc. should be forwarded with the request to ensure the writer has a full understanding of the occasion when preparing the text

  • For a Certificate of Appreciation, Distinguished Visitor or Birth Day or Congratulatory Certificate, the name of the person, date, purpose of the document, or other information related to the document requested must be submitted