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Since my days as a County Commissioner, I am proud to have advocated for safer streets and better public transit. As the Mayor of Miami-Dade County, I have made this work a priority for my administration. I have assembled a team of leaders to help us build a stronger, better connected, more resilient Miami-Dade – driven by efficient Operations, an agile Resilience plan, focused on Innovation & Performance, and grounded on Equity & Inclusion, all of which are principles at the core of better decision-making for public transit.

In the three and a half months since I took office, my team has made great progress on transportation and mobility, starting by getting control of our urban landscape. We are working to introduce interim solutions for bus-only lanes and separated bike lanes through the creation of new urban design standards and modifying regulations for added flexibility. We hosted my first virtual transit town hall to get the community’s direct input on transit priorities. And we are planning new investments in infrastructure – fast-tracking construction projects while creating jobs for our residents to help revive our local economy.

My vision is for a Transportation System built on four mobility pillars:
  • Streets for People: We will collaborate with municipalities to unlock the potential of multiple jurisdictions working together towards a common goal, building a comprehensive network of protected and separated bike lanes.
  • Better Transit: We aim to improve mobility for all users, ensuring our transportation system takes residents where and when they need to go, with a seamless experience that meets the needs of a daily commute as well as a spontaneous trip.
  • Innovation and Sustainability: We need to bring fresh ideas from the riders and residents we serve, refine them, and ensure that our constituents’ voices help chart the path forward; working together we can provide our communities with increased safety, opportunity, reliability, and well-maintained infrastructure.
  • Social Equity and Access: We must build a transportation system that engages and empowers communities through transparent decision-making and clear process, and make transportation investments equitably across the county to expand access and mobility for all our residents.
These are just a few of the initiatives our team will take on this year to build a better-connected Miami-Dade and align with the objectives of the C.A.V.A. plan – outlined in partnership with Transit Alliance.

100-Day Update of the C.A.V.A. Plan

I’m proud to share the following 100-day update toward the implementation of the C.A.V.A. Plan:

About the Mayor

Daniella Levine Cava was elected Miami-Dade County’s first-ever woman Mayor in November 2020. She enters the Mayor's office following a nearly 40-year career as a relentless advocate for South Florida families in public service and elected leadership.

As Miami-Dade County’s Mayor, she oversees a metropolitan government with nearly 30,000 employees serving nearly 3 million residents, managing an annual budget of approximately $10 billion.

A social worker, lawyer, and community activist, she was first elected in 2014, and re-elected in August 2018, to serve as the Miami-Dade County Commissioner representing District 8.