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Economic Development Action Committee

The Economic Development Action Committee provide technical resources to create businesses and capital development initiatives and promote entrepreneurship in underserved Black neighborhood communities.

The Economic Development Action Committee focuses on heightening the awareness of critical issues that impact the economic vitality of the Black community. The committee develops and advocates initiatives to educate and train individuals and businesses for economic success. Initiatives include financial literacy programs, workforce certification and training, business development and entrepreneurship forums and technical assistance, career and business fairs.

The committee also advocates for utilizing and developing land in Targeted Urban Areas (TUAs) in order to build industries and strengthen communities through employment and wealth-building activities. The committee promotes upward economic mobility in underserved Black neighborhoods and communities by providing technical resources and advocacy to address issues such as job and business creation, workforce training and Black participation.

The Economic Development Action Committee meets monthly. Upcoming meeting dates and times are posted on the MDEAT and Miami-Dade County calendars.