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Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA)

The purpose of the HOME Tenant-Based Rental Assistance is to provide housing assistance for renters.

The County has emphasized renters with special needs to assist them with housing costs. These special needs renters may be the chronic homeless, elderly, and/or disabled residents, or children aging out of foster care, in need of housing.

Also, to provide short and medium-term tenant-based rental housing assistance to individuals and families who are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless, or threatened with economic displacement. Other eligible persons can participate.

The amount, level, and term of such assistance shall be based on a sliding scale determined by household income. The subsidy provided is specific to and for the resident household and follows the resident as they move, but is limited to Miami-Dade County. The renter is issued a coupon (voucher) to search for a unit. The renter is required to contribute 30 percent of their monthly adjusted income towards the approved rent. The recipient may receive a grant for a security deposit, or security deposit along with utility deposit.

  • The HOME TBRA is designed to mimic the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program (S8 HCV).

    General program information can be found at 24 CFR Part 5, such as income and other eligibility issues. Program specific information can be found at 24 CFR Part 982, that speak to HQS and rent reasonableness.

    The HOME TBRA regulations can be found at 24 CFR, Part 92. These regulations are intended to assist the applicant in providing a responsive application for consideration. The program can also be a stand-alone deposit assistance program, providing security and utility deposits to eligible families that are relocating.