Hard work, dedication and a fierce attention to detail

Joey Di Girolamo, a Senior Web Publisher with the Communications and Customer Experience Department (CCED), goes above and beyond to make sure every task he handles is completed correctly. His incredible work ethic was celebrated with I THRIVE.

"Whenever I interact with him on an assignment, I trust him to guide me through the process and deliver a quality product," shared one of his clients. "He wears many different hats, supports many different groups and departments, and everyone gets his attention. He's always available to lend a hand to make sure deadlines are met and important stakeholders satisfied with the results. He also brings a sense of humor to the job, which can make a difference in stressful situations."

Joey began his time with the County in June 2001 as a Web Publisher in the Elections Department. Within the first few months, he created a new Elections website, and then created the department's first intranet site. He transferred to the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) in 2010, where he created a new portal for cold cases that helped close cases that had been unsolved for decades.

After joining CCED in 2017, he upgraded the websites for the departments he worked for previously, Elections and MDPD. Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to Senior Web Publisher, and took the lead in bigger projects, such as creating the new Miami-Dade County Style Guide and building the Chamber Gazette website, a Platinum Winner in the 2020 DotComm Awards.

For Joey, leading a big project and seeing it through from start to finish is what he loves most about his job.

"I especially like it when a project allows me to be creative and utilize my graphic design skills. If there are roadblocks and challenges that require some problem solving, even better. When a project is finally completed and I see the finished product, I feel a great sense of pride in a job well done, not just for me, but for my team.

I'm constantly motivated by my team. They're incredibly talented, hard-working people. Seeing what they bring to the table, knowing how much effort they put into their work, and knowing that we all have each other's backs, how can I not feel motivated?"

Joey Di Girolamo is a perfect example of someone who contributes to the success of Miami-Dade County and whose passion for communication helps us all thrive.

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