Ambulance Service License

Miami-Dade County regulates private ambulance companies and public sector ambulance (municipal 911 fire rescue) services to promote the health, safety and welfare of Miami-Dade County's residents and visitors by providing for the reasonable uniform regulations of ambulance services thereby promoting the development and maintenance of a safe, healthy, efficient and service oriented ambulance service for Miami-Dade County.

In order to provide ambulance service, for compensation or courtesy, you must first obtain a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity. Ambulance service, as defined by Chapter 4, Article I of the Miami-Dade County Code means that the person being transported requires or is likely to require medical attention during transport.

Section 4-7 of the County Code provides that it is unlawful for any certificate holder to charge, demand, request, or accept any fare other than the rates established by the Board of County Commissioners except as may be provided by Federal law or by a countywide emergency and non-emergency ambulance service contract between one or more private ambulance providers and Miami-Dade County

Every ambulance shall have posted in a conspicuous place, readily visible to the occupants, a schedule showing all authorized rates.

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