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Special Patrol Bureau

1567 NW 79th Ave.
Doral, FL 33126
Phone: 305-468-1315
Fax: 305-418-2714
Email: [email protected] 
Major: Edgardo Caneva

The Special Patrol Bureau:

  • Conducts routine sea and air patrol.
  • Performs search and rescue.
  • Conducts specialized traffic enforcement.
  • Conducts canine patrol and explosives searches.
  • Provides dignitary protection.
  • Manages and coordinates police services at special events.
  • Provides assistance during the service of high-risk warrants.
  • Resolves incidents involving barricaded subject and hostage situations.
  • Coordinates police response to civil unrest and demonstrations.

The Special Patrol Bureau is comprised of the Tactical Operations Section and the Specialized Patrol and Events Section.

Tactical Operations Section

Special Response Team

  • Hostage situations/barricaded subjects
  • High-risk search and arrest warrants
  • Hijackings
  • Major aircraft disasters
  • Assist Mobile Field Forces during civil disorder
  • Canine searches for armed subjects
  • Other high-risk situations
  • Dignitary and government official protection details
  • Departmental Response to Gunfire Training

Bomb Disposal Unit

  • Explosive disposal calls
  • Bombings
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction calls
    • Nuclear
    • Biological
    • Chemical
  • Conducts research and development of tools and tactics
  • Conducts chemical agent research and development
  • Provides specialized training to other agencies
  • Participates in advisory role on the Mobile Field Force Committee
  • Chemical agents Coordinator

Canine Unit

  • Searches for subjects and evidence
  • Narcotic detection
  • Explosive searches and sweeps
  • Search for lost persons
  • Cadaver searches
  • Assist patrol units on calls
  • Saturation patrols in districts

Incident Management Team

  • Establishes operational contingency plans include:
    • Hurricanes
    • Large-scale natural disasters
    • Civil disorders
    • Aircraft disasters
    • Manmade disasters
    • Acts of terrorism
    • Complex shootings
  • Coordinates and manages departmental response during mobilizations
  • Coordinate departmental response to other agencies and counties requesting emergency related assistance
  • Manages and coordinates the Departments Mobile Field Force, Rapid Deployment Force

Specialized Patrol and Events Section

Aviation Unit

  • Support of perimeter operations
  • Investigative surveillances
  • Vehicle and foot pursuits
  • Reconnaissance for major events and demonstrations
  • Assist other agencies

Marine Patrol

  • Enforces maritime laws in the coastal and inland waterways of Miami-Dade County
  • Inspects vessels
  • Renders assistance to other agencies
  • Conducts search and rescue operations
  • Assists with alien and drug smuggling interdiction
  • Enforces State environmental and marine fishing laws

Motorcycle Unit

  • Enforces Florida State traffic statutes
  • Conducts specialized enforcement
    • DUI checkpoints/saturation patrols
    • School zones
  • Participate in public information and education campaigns
  • Dignitary and specialized escorts
  • Breath Alcohol Testing Squad (BATS)

Special Events Unit

  • Plans, coordinates, and manages police services to major events
  • Coordinates off-regular duty for major events
    • Marlins Ball Park
    • Sun Life Stadium
    • Miami-Dade County Youth Fair
  • Coordinates staffing of film jobs for Miami-Dade County Film Office