Nature-based Parks

Nature based playgrounds provide a hands-on, interactive outdoor experience for children of all ages and abilities. Nature-oriented spaces are designed for climbing, audial engagement, building, searching, creating, imagining, socializing, and creatively immersing children to explore peripheral trails that connect to diverse natural habitats. These features offer unlimited opportunities for learning and discovery while fostering a life-long love of nature and the environment, through parks.

Nature-Based Playgrounds

Current “nature-play” playgrounds in the Miami-Dade Parks system include Debbie Curtin Park, Tom Sawyer’s Play Island at Amelia Earhart Park, Country Lake Park, Greynolds Park (west site), Kings Meadow Park, Norman and Jean Reach Park and Sunkist Park. Currently in the works are Biscayne Shores and Gardens Park. Future development will include Serena Lakes Park, Forest Lakes Park and Camp Matecumbe.

- NACO Award Submission