Rain Barrel Rebate

Attend a free rain barrel workshop and learn how to capture and store rainwater to irrigate your landscape and container plants. The workshops, coordinated by the UF IFAS Extension Service Miami-Dade County, are open to schools, homeowner associations, garden clubs and businesses. 

The rain barrel workshop is available to County residents online or in person. After completing the workshop, residents can receive a $50 rebate for the purchase of a rain barrel.  

Proper installation of a rain barrel is the owner's responsibility.

Rebate Program Requirements

  • Only for Miami-Dade County residents
  • Attend a workshop online or in-person
  • Provide proof of rain barrel purchase
  • Complete application
  • Maximum two rebates per household
  • Rain barrel specifications

    • HDPE plastic or comparable
    • Min 50 gallons
    • Sole purpose to collect water
    • Include spigot
    • Include gasket to seal spigot and prevent leakage 

  • Read terms and conditions

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