Read Your Water Meter

Water meters are important to gauge how much water your home is using. It is also a key indicator whether water may be wasting due to leaks.

Typically, the water meter is located in the front yard, near the street or sidewalk.

You will need a screwdriver to remove the meter-box lid. Then, flip the meter lens cap to expose the meter face.

To determine if the meter has been misread, copy down the numbers on the meter's register. (The register looks similar to a car odometer.)

Compare the numbers on the register to your "Current Reading" on your utility bill. The reading from the register should be equal to or higher than the "Current Reading."

If the reading on the meter is lower than the reading listed on your bill, the meter may have been misread. Call Customer Service to request a re-read and corrected bill.

If the meter reading is substantially higher than the reading on your bill, you may have a water leak.

Reading a water meter

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