New Water Connection from Well Water

Properties seeking to switch from well water and connect to Water and Sewer Department services should:

  • Hire a licensed plumber or contractor to install all plumbing facilities from your home to the point where the department's water meter will be located. The owner/resident will assume the costs of the installation of all private plumbing that will connect to the water meter. It is suggested that you obtain several estimates.
  • permit must be obtained
  • Contact the New Business Section and pay a one-time water connection charge, which is based on the gallon per day usage of the property at the time of connection. A Water Association letter will be issued and an additional fee will be required. These fees will be paid prior to meter installation. In addition, a water meter installation fee will be included in your first bill
  • Disconnect the existing well from the residence, which is coordinated with the Water and Sewer section. Disconnection must be performed by a licensed plumber or contractor and is done in conjunction with the installation of the water meter by the department
  • Once installation of all private plumbing facilities is done to the point where the department’s water meter is located, the owner/resident may request the meter and have their account opened. The department requires 24-hour advance notice to schedule an appointment for disconnection of the existing well and the meter installation

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