iWASD GIS Service Maps

In a collaborative effort to distribute current statuses about construction and permitting projects, the department has created a hub to share data from Water and Sewer, other utilities and municipalities.

Search construction project information using a variety of applications to determine if properties are connected to water and sewer systems or a septic tank. Find ongoing construction projects, access various agencies with permitting process and much more.

Water & Sewer Projects
Research Miami-Dade Water and Sewer projects and related information.

Water & Sewer Allocation
Research building construction projects in municipalities and County and project approved water and sewer allocations.

Connection Finder
Helps determine water and sewer services for a property and estimated distance to connect.

Projects Near Me
 This map provides residents and the public with information on on-going and upcoming construction projects. Viewers can reference this map to identify projects in their neighborhood, along their commute, or any area of interest.

Utility Coordination
Helps to improve roadway project planning by finding construction projects, including County, municipal and utilitiy projects.