The Miami-Dade County Adopt-a-Road Program is a public/private partnership program, which encourages volunteer involvement and community service in the control and reduction of litter to maintain the beautification and world class image of Miami-Dade County.

Volunteer organizations commit to:

  • At least a one-year period to the litter pick-up of a specific assigned Miami-Dade County roadway for a minimum of a one-mile segment, both sides of road
  • A minimum of four litter pick-ups throughout the term of the contract
  • Completing and submitting the Litter Pick-up / Volunteer Sign-in Sheet form to [email protected] after every litter pick-up. Specifically, the number of volunteers, volunteer hours, trash bags collected, and photos of the pick-up must be submitted immediately after the event in order to be counted.
  • Identifying Safety Supervisors to oversee each litter pick-up and ensuring that supervisors attend Safety Training (provided by the Miami-Dade County)
  • Safety Supervisors must provide and review all safety procedures with volunteers before every litter pick-up, as provided in the Safety Procedures form
  • All volunteers must sign the Litter Pick-up / Volunteer Sign-in Sheet form
  • Removing filled litter bags promptly after each organized litter pick-up
  • Organizations must report any changes to the scheduled litter pick-up dates to [email protected]. Failure to report changes to this form could result in cancelation of the Litter Removal Agreement.

Miami-Dade County commits to:

  • Identify roadways based on availability
  • Provide safety training and supplies for litter pick-ups
  • Promote adopt-a-road organizations' efforts after executed litter pick-ups through social media as long as the information required (stated above) is submitted immediately after each event

For more information email [email protected].

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