Small Business and Economic Development

MDEAT is committed to supporting the growth and development of Black-owned businesses throughout the county and to advocate for equitable participation in economic opportunities. Since 2009 and dating back to MDEAT’s predecessor agency, Metro Miami Action Plan (MMAP), MDEAT has supported Black businesses through grant funding, marketing support and technical assistance.

MDEAT is designed to act as a catalyst for economic vitality in the county’s Targeted Urban Areas. The advancement of underserved populations – such as predominately Black communities -- are constricted by chronic levels of socio-economic issues. In Miami-Dade County where only roughly 2.5 percent (1,902 out of 74,627 in 2019) of registered small businesses are Black-owned, there are disparities and gaps within our small business ecosystem that must be addressed. MDEAT’s role is to continue supporting Black-owned businesses, connect them to much needed resources, and to continue fostering an ecosystem for small business development.

The agency further advocates policy aimed at improving the economic and social well-being of the community and individuals it serves through its Economic Development Action Committee. The committee advocates for economic parity between the Black community and the community-at-large so that all Miami-Dade County residents can live a safe, healthy and prosperous existence.

How MDEAT helps small businesses:

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