Service Installation Request

A Service Installation Request (SIR) is a process to install a new or additional water service(s) or relocate an existing service(s) more than 5’ feet from the current service location by WASD. These service(s) will be connected to the water facilities (connection to water main) from an existing water main abutting your property.

When should you apply for a Service Installation Request

You might have service connection (existing water main abutting the property).
For undersize water main of 2” or 4” WASD must perform a pressure test before schedule a New Service Installation.

Note: For water main location check Request Lateral Location or As-built to verify if there are water lines abutting the property before applying for Service Installation Request (SIR)

Note: if your property is being redeveloped or under new construction, it is the owner’s responsibility to bring the meter box up to today’s Department Standard. An inspection request can assist in determining if the customer will be allowed to use their current meter box or if they will need to request a new service installation. 

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