Utilities Information Request

Customers may request information for the following documents regarding Water and Sewer Infrastructure: As-Built, Atlas, Sewer Lateral Location, Easement Consent Letter (Utility Easement), and Preliminary W&S Information Form. Please be aware that the Preliminary W&S Information Form does not substitute or supersede POC's provided in LOA's and Agreements.

Atlas/As-Built Information: Select this request if you need the below information:

  • Request an Atlas Map to determine what utilities abut and/or are within the property, in order to identify potential conflicts with the proposed development
  • Identify As-built numbers to order more detailed information about the infrastructure
  • Request As-built files if you have previously identified the as-built numbers necessary to perform infrastructure design

Once you identify the necessary As-builts in the requested Atlas Map, open the Utilities Information Request application and complete the As-built Print Form by filling it out with the As-built numbers and uploading it in the Request Files,if you do not have the As-built Print Form, list all As-builts numbers in the Request Information Section.

Sewer Lateral Location: Select this request to find out where the Sewer Lateral is located or if you have identified in an As-built that the property has a sewer lateral(s), but you cannot find it in the field.

Note: WASD will not be held responsible for any discrepancies between county records and field conditions. Implementing Order 10-8 "Rules and Regulations of the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department", section 3.02 (3) Connections to sewers establishes that the customer shall be responsible for the installation and connection from the sewer main to the facilities within the customer's property. All such connections shall be performed by a contractor with approved plans through an Agreement.

Easement Consent Letter: Use this request if the developer is doing construction within a property and need a letter from WASD stating that the Department has no objection with the construction. Please upload a survey of the property highlighting the area of construction work.

Preliminary W&S Information Form: Use this request if you already have the water and or sewer infrastructure information, you are studying the feasibility of connection to WASD infrastructure and want to request a Utility Reviewer to perform a preliminary assessment of the area in order to determine possible points of connection for the project. We will provide the nearest water and sewer main available for connection, considering the scope of work and based on WASD’s Rules and Regulations. Please be aware that Preliminary W&S Information Forms are not official and do not supersede/replace POC memos from LOA’s or Agreements. Also, an LOA needs to be requested if there is a need for further information and or analysis from other sections.

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