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Office of Neighborhood Safety

The Office of Neighborhood Safety (ONS) brings together residents, community stakeholders and County representatives to solve public safety and quality of life issues by engaging directly with historically disenfranchised communities to ensure they help to guide decision-making and deliver innovative solutions. 

ONS aims to address gun violence, revitalize public spaces, improve community infrastructure and minimize the need for residents to interact with the justice system. Our work spans five impact areas: Prevention, Intervention, Reentry, Economic Investment and Community Revitalization.

  • To advance community-driven solutions to build safe and prosperous neighborhoods
  • Every Miami-Dade County resident is safe, prosperous and thriving
  • Treat lived experience as data and community members as experts
  • Convene and communicate with purpose, kindness and respect
  • Co-design all actions with those who will be impacted by them
  • Everyone has a role in building neighborhood safety
  • Be bold, transparent and accountable
  • Challenge the status quo wherever and whenever our community can be better served through change
  • Nothing about you without you
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