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Cone of Silence

The Cone of Silence prohibits certain oral communications regarding a particular RFP, RFQ or bid during the period the Cone is in effect. Written communications, copied to the Clerk of the Board, are permitted at all times. Administrative Order 3-27, contains a complete and thorough description of the Cone.

Cone of Silence Report

The Cone of Silence Report lists all of the contracts affected by the County's Cone of Silence ordinance and show the dates during which the Cone of Silence is to be in effect.

It is the policy of Miami-Dade County that a "Cone of Silence" be established on all County competitive selection processes including:

  • Request for Proposals (RFPs)
  • Requests for Qualifications (RFQs)
  • Bids for the provision of goods and services

The Cone of Silence prohibits any communication regarding a particular RFP, RFQ or bid solicitation after they have been advertised. This Cone of Silence is designed to protect the professional integrity of the procurement process by shielding it from undue influences prior to the recommendation of contract award.

It establishes a disciplinary and/or penalty process for those who violate the Cone of Silence.

The Cone of Silence is terminated at the time when the County Manager issues a written recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners, or at the time when the issuing department issues its written recommendation to the Manager when the award is within the manager's delegated authority.