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Transit Open Data Feeds

General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)

A set of eight flat files. The compilation of files is used to provide schedule information. Individually, each file provides:
  • Agency - contains agency name and website link
  • Calendar - contains to / from dates for the current schedule
  • Calendar Dates - Lists dates when MDT routes operate in holiday schedule
  • Routes - Lists route names
  • Shapes - Contains information for route traces
  • Stop Times - Contains a list of stops by routes, by trip, with their individual stop times
  • Stops - Lists stops with their individual latitude and longitude
  • Trips - Lists all trips by route with destination sign for each
Transit XML Data Feeds

Swiftly API Key Access

GTFS-RT data for Miami-Dade County's bus services, Metromover, Metrorail, and the Coral Gables Trolley are all available through Swiftly APIs.