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Roadway Construction Projects

Public Works continually plans new reconstruction and improvements to existing roadways, traffic signals, sidewalks and bridges throughout Miami-Dade County. Construction projects administered by the Department are:

  • Intersection improvements
  • Traffic signal safety improvements/installations
  • Complete road reconstruction
  • Roadway resurfacing
  • Sidewalk installation and repairs
  • Bridge widening
  • Drainage system installation and/or replacements


Various funding sources are used for different projects. Local option gas taxes, road impact fees and secondary gas taxes are some examples of funding sources used to build and improve roadways within Miami-Dade County. Within the next 10 years, for example, through the half-penny sales tax approved in conjunction with the People’s Transportation Plan, Public Works will be implementing many new construction improvements.

Not all construction projects throughout the County are administered by Public Works. Other County departments, such as Water and Sewer, oversee their own specific construction projects as well. Likewise, road construction projects on state roads (such as US 1, North Kendall Drive and most of Bird Road, for example) and many of the major arterial roads are handled by the Florida Department of Transportation.

Additionally, since most of the roads within municipalities – City of Miami, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, etc. – are not maintained by the County, construction on those roads is usually administered by those municipalities. Construction project signs and other notices will be posted in the area of all Public Works projects.

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Projects that will be under moratorium after completion:
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