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Transit Oriented Communities

Transit Oriented Communities (TOC) is a fast-growing community development trend that includes a mixed-use of housing, office, retail space and/or amenities integrated into a walkable neighborhood and located within a half-mile of public transportation. Transit Oriented Communities provide better access to jobs and housing for people of all ages and incomes. TOCs help to enhance connectivity for area residents and businesses, leading to safer accessibility to jobs, businesses, residential and commercial districts, and schools.


  • Reduce the number of household drivers.
  • Lower congestion, air pollution and greenhouse emissions.
  • Create walkable communities that accommodate healthier lifestyles.
  • Increase transit ridership and fare revenue.
  • Expand mobility choices that reduce dependence on the automobile.
  • Reduce transportation costs.
See how DTPW is delivering Transit Oriented Communities
Upland Park aerial view, rendering

Upland Park will be built next to the Dolphin Station Park and Ride and will be the largest TOC in Miami-Dade County. It will include office, retail, hotel, school, a life sciences facility, and more than 2,100 apartments, including 122 senior housing units.

Link at Douglas is located next to the Douglas Rd. Metrorail station. The project will help offset expenses, focus density around the station and promote increased patronage of the Metrorail system.

Motion at Dadeland sits directly adjacent to the Dadeland North Metrorail station and the Dadeland Station retail center.

Grove Central rendering

Grove Central sits directly adjacent to the Coconut Grove Metrorail station. Grove Central provides 172,000 square feet of retail space, five levels of parking, and 402 residential units, including 60 work-force housing units.

Upcoming Projects

Completed Projects