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Concurrent Plans Processing


The Concurrent Plans Processing System (CPP) allows the plans and documentation to be sent electronically to multiple departments for review, thus expediting the permitting process.

Permit applicants must submit a CD-ROM containing the plans and documentation (in PDF format), required for a building permit for projects defined as “ATeam”. The CD must be submitted with the permit application (original form) to the Permit Records Section. Please follow the Concurrent Plans Processing (CPP) Guidelines for E-Plan Processing when preparing your documents for submittal on the CD.

The documents contained on the CD will be downloaded into the CPP System and a process number will be assigned.

The permit documents are reviewed, marked up, disapproved or approved electronically. Once the review of the documents is completed, permit applicants are notified by e-mail of any needed correction or that the application has been approved. If the application and plans are approved, the applicant can pay for the permit “online” and print the permit card and all of the approved documents at his or her place of business or residence.

Applicants who submit plans in a paper format will be assessed a conversion fee based on the attached fee schedule. These fees must be paid in addition to required upfront fees prior to the documents being sent for plan review. Additionally, this will add 24 to 48 hours to the review process for conversion. For additional information please call the Permit Records Section at 786-315-2100.


The Concurrent Plans Processing (CPP) Guidelines are for use by permit applicants who wish to leverage the benefits of electronically processing building plan packages. These guidelines have been developed to serve as a template for the exchange of electronic data between the permit applicant and Miami-Dade County.

The CPP Guidelines for electronic plan package submittal shall dictate required documentation, procedures, data, naming conventions and file formats for e-plan (electronic) processing. The permit applicant shall provide the entire electronic plan package on one or more CD-ROM. The CD-ROM shall contain all drawings and supporting documents in PDF file format.

  • The permit applicant shall be notified via e-mail when the review process is completed by Miami-Dade County.
  • The permit applicant will be responsible for any and all modifications required to drawings and supporting documents that have been disapproved.
  • The permit applicant will electronically resubmit the drawings and supporting documents that have been corrected.
  • The permit applicant will be notified when a plan package is approved. The permit applicant may then pay for the permit, print the permit and obtain the job copy over the internet.
  • The permit applicant is responsible for producing the paper job copy for the job site.

CPP Guidelines for e-Plan Processing

Required Documentation

2.1 CD ROM Labeling

All CD-ROMs are to be labeled as follows:

DATE                  The date the CD-ROM containing the plan package was delivered to the Regulatory and Economic Resources Department.

Address              Job site address

NAME                 Name of the design professional or permit applicant.

NUMBER            Telephone number of the design professional or permit applicant.

CD-ROM             CD-ROMs are to be numbered in coordination with File Descriptions.

Example A

10100 NW 25 Ave
A1 Architects, Inc.

CD 1 of 2


2.2 PDF File Type Only

  • All drawings and supporting documents in the plan package must be in PDF format.
  • PDF files shall be created in a manner that retains the sheet aspect ratio allowing for electronic measurements using the markup tool.
  • PDF files shall have only one layer without any embedded objects.
  • Please note using gray scale on documents that will be converted to electronic format is not recommended as items may be lost in conversion.
  • PDF files shall not be encrypted or password protected.

2.3 File Names

  • File names shall not contain any leading or trailing spaces.
  • File names shall not contain special characters such as: parenthesis “( )”; double periods “..”; question marks “?”; etc.
  • The discipline is the primary method of classification for file names. Each file shall contain the discipline code as the first letter of the file name. Sheet File names start with the discipline code, followed by a user-definable numerical field that closely corresponds to the sheet sequence number. For example A-101 for architectural, floor plans, first floor.

A      Architectural
C     Civil
E      Electrical
F      Fire Protection
G     General Information (non-discipline specific)
H      Hazardous Material
I       Interiors
L      Landscape
M     Mechanical
P      Plumbing
O     Equipment
S      Structural
T      Telecommunications
X      Other Disciplines
Z      Contractor/Shop Drawings

  • Sheet numbers should be designated sequentially starting at "01" and continuing thru "99"


The following are sample sheet file names:

A-101.pdf Architectural, first floor plan, sheet 1.1
A-102.pdf Architectural, second floor plan, sheet 1.2
A-103.pdf Architectural, first floor reflected ceiling plan, sheet 1.3
A-201.pdf Architectural, elevations, sheet 2.1
A-501.pdf Architectural, details, sheet 5.1

2.4 Standard Sheet Sizes

Supporting documents shall be accepted only in 8 1/2" x 11" page size. Plan pages shall be accepted only in Sizes Plot 8 ½” x 14”, 11” x 17”, 12” x 18”, 24” x 36” and 36” x 48”.

2.5 State of Florida Rules for Signing and Sealing Electronically

Information stored in electronic files representing plans, specifications, plats, reports, or other documents must be signed and sealed electronically where required by state laws as described in the Florida Statues Chapter 471.025, 481.221, and 668.001-006.

There are many different methods that may be utilized for digitally signing and sealing a plan using commonly accepted public / private key technology provided by various vendors. It is important that any method that is utilized be accompanied by a signed and sealed statement from the professional that the method and software that have been utilized to sign and seal the plans complies with the intent of the Board Rules. Specifically, with reference to Florida Statues Chapter 481 and Florida Administrative Rule 61G1-16.005 for Architects or Florida Statutes Chapter 471 and Florida Administrative Code Rule 61G15-23.003 for Engineers. This document must be submitted in original format to be scanned along with the permit application.

2.6 Measurement Scale

All plan pages must contain a scale.

Obtaining Rendered Plan Packages

In order to print the plan packages, your computer must have Adobe Reader version 9.3 or higher. To download Adobe Reader v9.3, please visit Or you can also print the plan packages by:

1. right click on each file

2. select “save target as”

3. save the files to your local computer

4. open the document and print

3.1 Rework or Revisions (Tracking on Process Number)

If a permit application has not been approved the permit applicant shall use the tracking or process number to locate the plan package in Plans Tracking. The permit applicant shall open the folder and download all corresponding documents.

When submitting the reworked/revised plans to the Regulatory and Economic Resources Department, a new CD containing just the reworked/revised files shall be submitted. The files should be saved in the root directory and they must NOT have the same name as any of the initial files. For example, reworks and revisions should be named as shown in the sample below:

Rework Samples

A1-101 rwk 6-1-10.pdf
A1-101 rwk 6-15-10.pdf

Revision Samples

A1-102 rev3-1-10.pdf
A1-102 rev4-1-10.pdf

3.2 Paying For Permit

A permit applicant will receive an email notification when the plan package has been approved. The permit applicant may then go to and select Pay Fee Dues to pay for the permit. Once payment is accepted the permit applicant may print the Permit Card.

3.3 Job Copy (Permit Number)

When the permit is issued, the customer will receive an email advising him/her that the permit was obtained and that the plans are ready to be retrieved electronically. The email will provide the link where the customer can view and print the final set of plans at no additional cost. This link will be available for 30 days after the email is issued. After 30 days, customers will have to log on to the e-Microfilm website  and pay $18.75 per permit or address to retrieve and print the plans. The permit applicant is responsible for delivering a certified paper job copy of the plan set to the job site. The printed job copy must contain:

1. The Miami-Dade County watermark on every page.

2. The Miami-Dade County stamps and signatures from required plans examiners. The stamps and signatures on the paper job copy must be reconcilable against the electronic records at the time of inspection.

Roofing Only Requirements

The forms and documents used to create the roof permit package should be saved as PDF documents. Each separate PDF document can contain single or multiple pages. The PDF documents once created will look like the original documents and can contain text, drawings, graphics or even photos. Once the permit PDF documents are created they should all be labeled in the following ways to help expedite the review and permitting process.

4.1 PDF Document Label

1. PAY - Permit Application: Yellow Form

2. RPF - Roof Permit Forms = Section A & B page, Roof Plan Diagram, Section C page(s), Section D page(s), Section E page

3. NTF - Notification Forms = Section 1524 owner’s notification form, Commercial Re-roofing Statement

4. DWG - Details/Drawings = all plan drawings.

5. ETR - Engineering/Calculations/Test Reports

6. NOA - NOA Product Approval = Cover Sheet, Specific System Page, General & System Limitation Page(s), Fire Directory Listing

7. DERM - DERM: Asbestos review= Notice of Asbestos Form, Asbestos Survey

8. RW - Rework(s) = original name + RW + sequence # ex. NOA RW1.


4.2 Forms Available On The Internet

The documents listed above are available online. You must comply with Section 2.5 of this document if you sign and seal the forms electronically. You may also sign and seal printed forms and then scan them to a CD-ROM.

If you cannot view PDF PDF files, you can download Acrobat Reader  for free from Adobe Systems, Inc. In order to use PDF files, you must have Acrobat installed on your computer.

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