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Hurricane Irma

As we continue our recovery and cleanup efforts, please visit the Emergency website for the latest information on openings and closings in Miami-Dade County.

Water Supply

All new construction, addition, renovation or changes in use resulting in an increase in water consumption need a Water Supply Certification letter. The County's program is designed to assure adequate water supply is available to all County water users. This will ensure compliance with Comprehensive Development Master Plan (CDMP) policies and the permitted withdrawal capacity in the 20-year Water Use Permit.

  • At the customer’s request, a no net increase Water Supply Certification letter is issued for projects not resulting in an increase in water consumption.

Policy CIE-5D in the Capital Improvement Element and Policy WS-2C in the Water and Sewer Element of the County’s CDMP provides that Miami-Dade County's Water and Sewer Department (WASD) is responsible for monitoring the availability of water supplies for all water users of the WASD and for implementing a system that links water supplies to the permitting of new development to assure adequate water supply is available to all users of the WASD. This letter certifies that adequate water supply is available to serve the proposed development in accordance with the permitted withdrawal capacity in the County’s Water Use Permit.

  • The Certification Letter is issued at the time an Agreement, Verification Form or Ordinance Letter is offered or during the Plat process prior to the final Development Order.
  • The Water Supply Certification letter is processed concurrent with the Agreement, Verification Form or Ordinance Letter as applicable.

  • The Water Supply Certification Fee is $90. A $30 Re-Certification Fee applies if the reservation expires as specified in the Water Supply Certification letter.

Expiration of water reservation

Water Supply Certification for developments that require an Agreement receive a reservation of water for a period of one year provided the developer complies with the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

The reservation may be extended if a building permit application is filed or if the Agreement is active.

Reservation for projects issued a Verification Form or Ordinance letter that do not require a building permit is valid for 90 days.

If a building permit is required, the reservation is valid for one year, and the applicant must apply for a building permit within the year to maintain an active reservation.

Water supply reservation for projects requiring a Plat is consistent with the concurrency time frame established in the Miami-Dade County Code. The water supply reservation remains active as long as the building permit is active.

For additional information

For more information, please call the Program Manager, Maria A. Valdes, Planning and Water Use Unit at 786-552-8198 or e-mail at [email protected]

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