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Public Parking

The Public Parking operation is managed by the Internal Services Department (ISD). We are committed to meet the parking demands in these served areas for the employees of Miami-Dade County and the general public. Our parking operations office staff strives to provide courteous customer service and efficient enforcement of our rules and regulations to provide the necessary safety levels and to properly fund our operations.

The ISD Parking Operations Office has moved to the West Lot Building located at:

ISD Parking Operations Office
200 NW 2nd Avenue – Suite 100
Miami, FL 33128

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Weekends and County holidays

305-679-PARK (7275)

Charge Your Electric Vehicle Downtown
Miami-Dade County is proud to present electric vehicles (EV) charging stations now available for parking visitors and employees in the West Lot, Hickman and Cultural garages.

Parking Facilities

Review our fee schedule, including address, hours of operation and transit connection for each location.

Parking Forms

Read the Parking (Activation, Cancellation, Replacement, Policy and Procedure) forms.


This tool minimizes the time and effort needed for validating customer parking. County departments can manage their parking verification needs through accurate tracking of usage and generate validation reports. The application enables department liaisons to easily set up assigned roles and track financial transactions.

About Parking

Read the most asked questions related to parking and payment for parking.

Downtown Parking Locations maintained by Internal Services
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