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Acquisitions and Leasing

It is the policy of this County when appropriate, in the lease, purchase, or construction of required space or facilities, to locate such real property in an area which will enhance the economic viability of depressed areas and maximizes access to public transportation, provided, however, that said location is in the best interest of the County and the general public.

The authority to acquire or lease any type of real property, including, but not limited to, land, plant installations, service facilities, and other assets of a public nature, rests solely with the Board of County Commissioners (as stated in Administrative Order 8-1).

All contracts, leases, and agreements, except those with the federal government and the state of Florida, must be executed by the other party prior to submission to the Office of the Mayor.

ISD is the official custodian of County-owned real property.

Real Property Acquisitions

Property owners or legal representatives of a piece of property that you think the County might be interested in purchasing can contact the Real Estate Division.

Asset Management

The Asset Management and Development Unit assists County agencies in selling surplus County land and assisting the public with inquiries regarding the purchase of County land. 

Real Estate Leasing

If you are the owner or legal representative of a piece of property or building that you think the County might be interested in leasing, contact the Real Estate Division.

Renting the Miami-Dade Cultural Center Plaza for your event

The plaza can accommodate groups ranging from 50 to 600 persons for a formal sit-down dinner to 50 to 1,200 for a cocktail reception. Our special event coordinator will assist you.