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Small Business Enterprise - Architectural & Engineering

This program is a gender and race-neutral program for Architectural & Engineering (A&E) contracts. It is designed to provide contracting opportunities for firms that meet the following criteria:

  • Average gross revenue for last three years does not exceed $4.5 million for architectural services. Three-year-average gross receipts cannot exceed $6 million for engineering, surveying and mapping services, and landscape architecture services
  • Located and performing a commercially useful function in Miami-Dade County
  • Local Business Tax Receipt for one year prior to certification
  • Qualifier must own at least 25 percent of the certified firm's issued stock
  • Personal net worth does not exceed $1.5 million of each owner
  • Owner can have only one Small Business Enterprise – Architectural & Engineering certified firm
  • Annual renewal of certification required

Projects Under Review

Small Business Enterprise – Architectural & Engineering projects and the review status of each are available online.

Contracting Opportunities

Opportunities for small business participation on Miami-Dade County Architectural & Engineering projects have been expanded through the use of Small Community Business Enterprise - A&E measures.

The Equitable Distribution Program and Small Business Enterprise - A&E programs were designed to provide contracting opportunities to small-and-medium size architectural and engineering firms. Additionally, the A&E selection process was streamlined into a one-step, pre-qualification.

Miami-Dade County Ordinance No. 98-30 requires all firms, including A&E firms with annual gross revenues in excess of $5 million must have an affirmative action plan and procurement policies filed and approved by the County as a condition of contract award. Also, resolution R-1040-93 requires all A&E firms must provide information in their proposal to proceed as well as comply with their approved affirmative action plan, when responding to the County's advertisement for the acquisition of A&E services.

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