Code Relief

What is Code Relief?
Code Relief allows structures built without proper permits, or built with permits that are lacking mandatory inspections, into compliance with the Building Code. Construction projects must have commenced prior to March 1, 2002 to qualify for reissuance.

What are Owners' Responsibilities?
The current owner of the property is ultimately responsible for bringing the property into compliance.

If permits were issued to licensed contractors, but mandatory inspections were not obtained, you should contact the contractors and request that they reissue the permit under the provisions of Ordinance 02-44. If the previous contractors are unavailable, you must apply for a permit reissue with a new contractor or apply on your own as an Owner-Builder.

To find out if there are any open permits that have not been finalized, use the online search and select the options for “Open Master Permit (Address)” or “Open Permits by Folio (Folio Number)”. Be prepared to provide the property address/folio number.