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Owner-Builder Permits

What is an owner-builder permit?

Miami-Dade County offers permits to individuals who are performing work on their property without the benefit of a contractor.

Additionally, an owner-builder may apply for any trade permit including building, roofing, electrical, plumbing, gas and mechanical with no additional requirements or certifications necessary.

How do I apply?

The homeowner must submit their permit application and plans, and once approved, will be able to schedule an owner-builder validation. Appointments are scheduled with the Small Business and Homeowner Permitting Assistance Team. The owner(s) must appear in person or virtually to affirm that they understand their obligations under the law as specified in the disclosure statement.

For additional permitting information, check Common Permits and Certificates and How to Apply for a Permit.

What are the requirements?

Your design professional will need to provide you with an electronic version of your plans that are digitally signed and sealed. For more information, check the Digitally Signing and Sealing Documents page. The permit will only be issued upon passing the owner-builder validation.

If validation is failed, a licensed contractor would have to apply for the permit and complete the work.

Refer to the Owner-Builder Disclosure Statement prior to applying for an owner-builder permit.