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Motorboat Repairs and Estimates - Laws & Tips

Anyone engaged in the business of motorboat repairs for Class A boats - defined by being propelled by power and less than 16 feet in length - must follow Miami-Dade County requirements.

False charges for repairs and parts. It is unlawful for any person to knowingly charge for any services that are not actually performed, charge for any parts that are not actually furnished, provide misinformation to a customer concerning what is wrong with a motorboat, or to fraudulently substitute parts when the parts are not required to repair or service the motorboat.

Estimates of repairs required. Any person engaged in the business of motorboat repairs must provide the customer with a written estimate of repairs, including all parts, labor, incidental service, charges for release of the motorboat in case it is not repaired, and charges for making the estimate. If no charge is recorded for making the estimate, a charge cannot be assessed.

Prior to making an estimate, an inspection of the motorboat to be repaired must be done. A written estimate is not required for repairs under $50. If the repairs will be over $50, a written estimate is required unless waived in writing by the customer.

Repair charges. If it is determined that the actual charges for the motorboat repair will exceed the written estimate by $10 or 10 percent, whichever is less, the customer must be notified by fax, telephone, telegram, mail or written notice of the new estimate charges. The customer may authorize the work or cancel the work. If the work is cancelled, the motorboat must be released immediately in reasonable condition as when received for the repair and after payment of whatever amount was included in the estimate for release of an unrepaired motorboat.

If a customer is not notified of any additional charges for repair, the repaired motorboat must be released upon payment by the customer of not more than an amount equal to the written estimate plus $10 or 10 percent of the estimate, whichever is less.

Detailed invoice. All work performed must be recorded on an invoice detailing all services or work performed and all parts supplied and the exact charge for each part and service. If any used parts are supplied, the invoice must clearly identify the part. One copy of the invoice must be given to the customer upon completion of the repair work.

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