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Price Gender Discrimination Laws

Charging more for products or services on the basis of a buyer's gender is against the law in Miami-Dade County.

A business is allowed to charge a different price if the goods or services involve more time, difficulty or cost. In other words, consideration must be given to the quality and complexity of the goods or services to determine whether or not the consumer has been discriminated against.

Limited legitimate discount programs based on gender are also permitted if they are not designed to exclude or deny others from the program. For example, it is all right to advertise, "Ladies Free on Monday Night," as long as men are not prevented from patronizing the establishment.

How to file a complaint for price gender discrimination

If you think that a business has been unfair, deceptive or discriminatory in its dealings with you, or has violated these laws, submit a consumer complaint by email, mail or fax, or call the Mediation Center at 786-469-2333. 

You may be entitled to compensatory damages, attorney’s fees and court costs from the person or business committing the violation. In addition, you are entitled to threefold damages with a minimum of $200 if a willful violation is established.

Consumer Mediation Center

Miami-Dade County's Mediation Center receives, processes and investigates consumer complaints, mediates disputes between consumers and businesses, identifies violations of the law by business operators, and issues civil citations.

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