The Climate Action Strategy aims to dramatically cut greenhouse gases in Miami-Dade County and reduce the cause of climate change at its source. It combines seven approaches that identify proven solutions to be implemented across the community, beginning today by accelerating actions that have already started.

Meeting our ambitious goals will result in buildings that are more energy- and water-efficient, mobility choices that better meet our needs while ensuring cleaner air, new good paying jobs, and protected and healthy natural areas. As a "living document," the Climate Action Strategy will evolve as new technology becomes available, new policies are adopted, and new partners join in the collective effort to cut emissions and transform the economy.

This Climate Action Strategy is a community-wide strategy based on guidance and feedback from residents collected through the unprecedented Thrive305 process, surveys, and meetings with residents and businesses. That engagement is not over. The strategy is aligned with Thrive305 recommendations and will be implemented through the County budget process, with an expanded commitment to year-round engagement. In addition, the County will work closely with community partners to implement individual actions and ensure new voices are part of the evolving transformation into a low-carbon society.

Implementation of the strategy will be ambitious, accountable, and collaborative. Regular reporting to the community in formats that are easy to access and understand is essential. Identifying where we are succeeding and where gaps persist will attract partners with new solutions and help direct resources where they are needed most.

To reach our goal of 50% less emissions communitywide by 2030 and zero emissions by 2050, Miami-Dade County will have to work with energy producers and users to close the emissions gap. Building a carbon free economy that works for everyone will require ongoing participation from community organizations and leaders to help ensure local businesses and residents get the good paying jobs, cleaner air, cooler streets, and more affordable energy- and water-efficient buildings that are envisions in the Climate Action Strategy. Climate change is a shared challenge and the transformative solutions in this strategy are our collective hope.