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Infill Housing Developer Requirements

The Infill Housing Program's main goal is to increase the availability of affordable homes for very low-, low- and moderate-income families. Other goals include:

  • Maintaining a stock of affordable housing
  • Redeveloping urban neighborhoods by eliminating the blight of vacant, dilapidated or abandoned properties
  • Generating payment of ad valorem taxes
  • Equitable distribution of homeownership opportunities

Participating developers will be required to build the home in accordance with the Implementing Order 3-44 and Infill Housing Initiative Guidelines. The Program provides incentives to developers to build affordable housing. Note: All of the required forms are included in the Program Guidelines; however, these forms are provided below for your convenience:

  • County-owned property

    To receive County-owned property, the developer must be a qualified developer selected by making a request to the District Commissioner where the lot is located or through a Request for Proposal (RFP) selection process. Selection is based, but not limited to, the following criteria:

    • Proposer’s experience and past performance;
    • Proposer's development team, key personnel and functions;
    • Proposer's approach to providing services;
    • Proposer's building plans for proposed single family models;
    • Proposer’s financial capability;  
    • Proposer’s approach to meeting time schedule and budgets; and
    • Proposer’s marketing skills and ability reach eligible households.
  • Construction Loans on County-conveyed lots

    PHCD expands and strengthens its partnerships amongst the private sector to include for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, in the production and operation of affordable housing in Miami-Dade County, by encouraging interested parties to submit applications for constructions loans via its annual request for application process (RFA).

    Developers who apply for construction loans shall enter into and record a Tri-Party Agreement on County-conveyed lots. The Infill Housing Program requires that a Tri-Party Agreement is utilized when placing construction loans on awarded County Infill Program lots. The Tri-Party Agreement is executed when the lender enters into a loan agreement with the Infill Developer, stating the amount of the loan, and other terms, for the purpose of constructing affordable housing, in accordance with the County’s Infill Housing Initiative Program.

  • Private property

    As per Ordinance 19-93 adopted by the BCC on October 3, 2019, private property owners may develop their properties located within Miami-Dade County through the Infill Housing Program. Private property owners/developers may submit an application, along with the required documents, to the Public Housing and Community Development Department (PHCD) at 701 NW 1 Court 16th Floor, Miami, FL 33136, Attention: Infill Housing Program, to have their lots considered for development, and subsequent sale to qualified households for no more than $215,000.  Please complete the Application for Infill Private Lots to have your lot considered for the Infill Housing Program.

  • Closing Process

    Prior to closing and following the closing on an eligible home, the Infill Developer shall provide copies of the following documentation, other requested documents, to the Infill Program:

    • Certificate of Qualification for the Homebuyer
    • Credit Counseling Workshop Certificate
    • Sales Contract
    • Certificate of Occupancy (CO)
    • 15-Year Roof Warranty including a 5-Year Workmanship
    • Soil Treatment Certificate
    • Real Estate Appraisal
    • Land Survey
    • Application for Lien Release to PHCD
    • Executed  “Hold Harmless Affidavit”
    • Executed HUD Closing Disclosure
    • Recorded Affordable Housing Restrictive Covenant executed by the buyer (see Exhibit I)
    • A recorded copy of Warranty Deed transferring title from the Infill Developer to the Qualified Household (see Infill Program Guidelines - Section XIII(A)(4) and said deed shall contain the following language:
      Since this home was developed through Miami-Dade County’s Infill Housing Initiative Program, governed by Article VII of the Miami-Dade County Code, this home must remain affordable during the “Control Period.” The Control Period commences with the date of this deed and resets automatically every 20 years for a maximum of 60 years. In the event Grantee wishes to sell or refinance the home during the Control Period, Grantee shall obtain prior written approval from the County. Any such sale, transfer or conveyance, shall only be to a “Qualified Household,” as defined in Section 17-122(n) of the Miami-Dade County Code. However, should Grantee own this home for twenty consecutive years, Grantee shall automatically be released from this restriction.  Attached herein is a Restrictive Covenant.
  • ADA and Florida Access Code

    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible homes are available through the Infill Housing Program. Infill Developers are required to build a minimum of one unit or 5% (whichever is greater) of the total awarded or approved homes it develops for the program.

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