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Vision Zero

Vision Zero is Miami-Dade County’s commitment to reduce all traffic fatalities and severe injuries to zero, while increasing safe, equitable, and healthy mobility for all.

What is Vision Zero?

The Vision Zero program is dedicated to eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries and has been implemented in numerous areas throughout the world. This Plan is a systematic approach to implementing safety countermeasures and policies to reduce – with the goal of ultimately eliminating -- fatalities and serious injuries related to mobility in Miami-Dade County.

Key objectives of this Plan include:

  • establishing a methodology by which crash statistics can continue to be used to determine priorities for crash locations improvements
  • measuring the ongoing progress of the Plan
  • providing a means to engage local government and citizenry
  • offering specific guidance on proven safety countermeasures

The goal of Vision Zero is to eliminate all traffic-related deaths and serious injuries by the year 2030.

Miami-Dade County had more road fatalities per 100,000 people than Washington D.C., Seattle, and Los Angeles. Traffic crashes in our area result in about four deaths and 16 injuries every week.  Miami-Dade County recognizes that these aren’t just numbers.

These incidents affect our neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family.  These deaths and injuries are preventable, which is why embracing Vision Zero is essential in effectively tackling safety in a comprehensive manner and reducing traffic incidents drastically.

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