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Homicide Bureau

Phone: 305-471-2400
Fax: 305-471-2311  
Email: [email protected]
Major: Jorge Aguiar

The Homicide Bureau conducts thorough and objective investigations of all deaths and officer involved shootings that occur in unincorporated Miami-Dade County. These investigations are also conducted in many municipalities within the County that lack the resources to perform their own inquiries. The Bureau utilizes eight squads of investigators, each headed by a sergeant and working as a team, to address the many critical aspects of a death investigation. As a result of this approach, information is quickly developed and categorized, enabling the expeditious identification of potential subjects, witnesses, evidence and investigative leads.

The Bureau also houses three specialized squads; the Traffic Homicide Unit, which investigates all fatal and critical-injury motor vehicle crashes, and all County police vehicle collisions; the Cold Case Squad, which handles continuing probes into unsolved murders which occurred as long as 50 years ago; and the South Florida Homicide Clearinghouse, which serves as a centralized registry to gather and disseminate investigative leads and intelligence information to cooperating agencies, in order to help coordinate investigative efforts between police departments.