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Property and Evidence Section

9111 NW 25th St.
Doral, FL 33172
Major: Garry F. Jeanniton

The mission of the Property and Evidence Section is to accept, catalogue, safeguard, store, produce as required for court, and return to owner or otherwise legally dispose of all property and evidence impounded into the custody of the Miami-Dade Police Department. The Section's main facility is a 50,000 square-foot secure warehouse, which houses over 600,000 items. In addition, the Bureau operates a remote vehicle storage lot and an off-site overflow facility. It is also the responsibility of Property and Evidence to manage the Miami-Dade County Towing and Storage of Towed or Impounded Vehicles contract.

Approximately, 75 percent of all property taken into custody is evidence required for criminal cases. The rest of the property include the safekeeping of found property, decendant's property, property no longer needed as evidence, contraband, serological evidence, and property seized for forfeitures. Property received at Property and Evidence also includes, but not limited to; cash, jewelry, firearms, narcotics, and general property of every description.

All property coming into and leaving the Bureau is subject to strict chain of custody constraints. Property that can be legally returned to its rightful owner is done so in a timely manner. Contraband is destroyed when it is no longer needed for a criminal case. Unclaimed general property and vehicles are disposed of through public auctions, disposed of according to Florida statute, or retained for forfeiture.

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