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County Websites

In January 2019, Miami-Dade County took another important step forward in the evolution of its online communication efforts by launching the wholly redesigned fourth version of its web portal, miamidade.gov. Using the latest tools and extensive feedback from users, each component was thoroughly scrutinized before being updated and enhanced.

Transforming the way customers interact with government information and services, the new miamidade.gov was reengineered drawing on innovative technologies and improved information architecture. New interaction dynamics have been presented to users through an attractive and uncluttered interface, as well as through much more intuitive navigation and content that is better organized and more personal than ever. 

What does the newest version of the miamidade.gov portal mean for our customers? It means all the services and information they care about are within easy reach resulting in a greatly improved user experience. In a nutshell, it means less searching and more finding.

All departments, agencies and Elected Officials covered under the general fund are provided a County website. A web publisher and technical team are there to support the website and introduce new content management solutions. Our dedicated team is continuously working behind the scenes to make ongoing improvements and bring on new features and enterprise technologies. County website templates are also integrated with 311 systems to provide "311-Only" information to call specialists so they can quickly and accurately answer questions about your County's services.

Additionally, there are many benefits to having a Miami-Dade County website:
  • Built and managed (with backup and versioning) through OpenText LiveSite CMS
  • Domain authority being on a .gov domain
  • Hosted within the highly secure County network
  • Different CMS templates are used to create different types of web pages
  • ADA compliant and tested to ensure an inclusive experience
  • Web access to website metrics reports provided upon request
  • Ability to create alias URL's for promotional purposes
If you want to find out more or need assistance with designing a new digital experience, please contact [email protected].