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Custom Websites

The Miami-Dade County team can intake custom website projects for agencies exempt from County branding standards, not within the general fund, municipalities and government agencies. These projects are subject to approval by the department and will require a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and associated cost for service. Projects will need to be fully scoped out prior to intake to ensure a comprehensive MOU.

Please note there is inherent value in using miamidade.gov as your website, as it maximizes search engine results given that a .gov URL is seen as having domain authority.

Custom website projects will need to fall into the following guidelines if the project is approved for intake:

  • The County will purchase the domain or the domain will need to be transferred to the Information Technology Department
  • The website will be hosted within the Miami-Dade County network and managed using the enterprise content management system, OpenText LiveSite
  • The MOU will include a maintenance agreement to ensure resources are allocated to update the website as needed
If you want to find out more or need assistance with designing a new digital experience, email [email protected].